The Biggest Manufacturing Warehouse Challenges: 

  1. Finding and keeping qualified/skilled/dependable workers
  2. Increasing workforce productivity
  3. Controlling labor costs
  4. Covering costs due to forklift accidents
  5. Slowed production time due to picking errors
  6. Space to store inventory for new product lines

Imagine if you could accomplish saving space and improving process efficiency while improving control over your product at a lower labor cost? 

How It Could Be:

  • Parts are stored in a fully automated system
  • High-density storage system requiring less 100ft per model
  • No need for forklifts for replenishment or picking
  • Inventory software management for inventory control and increased picking accuracy to 99%

Vac-Con Case Study- Sewer Cleaning Truck Manufacturer

Vac-Con was struggling with picking 8,000 parts per day in 2 warehouse locations and transporting them to manufacturing in a timely manner.

With automation, Vac-con was able to condense the 2 locations into 1 warehouse location saving 58% floor space and increase productivity by 33% .




Saving Floor Space

Warehouse Fulfillment Methods of the Past are Costly


Go Lean 4.0


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Automated Material Handling

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