What if you could leave work each night knowing that all of your open orders shipped on time and were accurate?

Your customers aren’t expecting products to be perfect, by they are expecting you to fix things quickly when their equipment breaks down. This means an after-market sales network has to support all goods a company has sold in the past as well as those it currently makes. As after-market inventory grows parts start taking up large amounts of space, increasing labor hours, creating use of forklifts and decreasing order accuracy.

Deadly Cost of Non-Automated After-Market Sales Operations:

  1. Employee costs are 60% higher
  2. Floor space is 3x higher
  3. Picking error costs are 80% higher
  4. Wasted search time is 75% higher
  5. Productivity speeds are 100% slower





How It Could Be With Automation:

  • All parts are stored in a fully automated system
  • High density storage system requiring less than 100ft per model
  • Reduction of labor
  • Inventory software manages inventory control and accuracy
  • Inventory software increases order accuracy to 99%

The Savings:

  • Employee costs are reduced by as much as 80%
  • Inventory floor space is reduced by 60‐80%
  • Inventory accuracy is improved up to 50%
  • Allows a reduction in inventory of 12‐18%
  • Increase productivity by 100%

Saving Floor Space

Mazak After-Market Parts Case Study Savings: 

  • 80% Increase in Productivity
  • 99.67% Accuracy Levels
  • 50% Increased in Storage Capacity without Increasing Floor Space

Tooling Storage Methods of the Past are Costly


Order Picking Solution


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Automated Material Handling

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