An Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS) is perfect for ensuring a continuous flow process in productions. The new Kardex LR 35  is especially suitable for manufacturing companies that mass produce a wide range of items and rely on the smooth supply of assembly sets to the assembly lines. As a picking station and buffer storage system, it guarantees the just-in-time delivery of picked assembly sets to the assembly line at all times.

In addition, fast delivery of the parts directly to the workstation reduces the distance covered by the operating personnel and cuts waiting times, leading to a decrease in the number of employees needed.

ASRS Benefits:

  1. Increase picking speed up to 4x faster than manual
  2. Increase labor efficiency
  3. Reduce Operating Costs
  4. Save storage space
  5. Improved productivity and accuracy
  6. Ergonomic working conditions
  7. Multiple access opening options and picking stations


Evaluating Good-to-Person Technologies


High Picking Preformance

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Kardex Remstar LR 35 Brochure

Vertical Buffer Module


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