vertical carousel is an automated storage solution that resembles a giant customized vending machine for your inventory. This machine turns storage on its head by “going vertical,” saving your business floor space and airspace.

AMH has designed and built the Kardex Remstar MegaMat RS, vertical carousel, for large number of different industries. The Megamat RS storage systems are cost-efficient with 99.8% up-time reliability rating, increased security, and increase productivity.   

The Megamat RS is equipped with inventory software providing a  way to of entering the world of software supported warehouse management. Allowing optimization of storage spaces, stock and order picking.

Vertical Carousel’s Benefits:

  1. Increased Productivity for Fast Payback
  2. Store More in Less Space
  3. Higher Through-put
  4. Increased Inventory Control/Security
  5. Increased Labor Saving
  6. Increased Ergonomic Benefits
  7. Increased Picking Accuracy


Copy of Saving Floor Space

Kardex Remstar Megamat RS Brochure

Kardex Remstar MegamatRS


Is Vertical Carousel or Vertical Lift Right For You?

Is Vertical Carousel or Vertical Lift right for you


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