Case Studies

Click on the case study links below to read more about how AMH solutions are making processes better for our customers by saving space, improving efficiency and gaining inventory control.






Parts distribution division for manufacturing & spare parts was able to:

  1. Reduce floor space by 65%
  2. Provide 75% faster order picking
  3. Reduce labor by 47%


Mazak’s parts distribution was able to:

  1. Increase productivity by 80%
  2. Reduce labor requirements by 44%
  3. Increased part numbers by 95%


Bauer’s batch picking part orders for on site manufacturing & spare parts distribution was able to:

  1. Regain 91% of floor space
  2. Increase part inventory by 50%


Wausau Hospital’s distribution of med-surgical supplies to the hospital was able to:

  1. Reduce floor space by 75%
  2. Increase accuracy to 100%
  3. Reducing the cost per pick by 88%


Coty’s picking for cosmetics distribution was able to:

  1. Reduce shipping time
  2. Reduce floor space by 50%
  3. Reduce labor costs.


BMW’s spare part storage for automobile manufacturing storeroom was able to:

  1. Support the doubling of manufacturing capacity
  2. New product lines


ATEL’s storage of bus and truck repair and maintenance parts division was able to:

  1. Decrease labor by 40%
  2. Increase productivity
  3. In only 12% of the floor space.



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