Are Your Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO) or Tooling Storerooms Costing Your Plant Extra Money?

Your Maintenance Parts Supply Crib or Central Store has just sort of ‘evolved’ over the years. You find yourself staffing and operating a hardware store within your manufacturing plant. This store requires expensive labor and loosely monitored inventory tracking because that’s just the way it is. This no longer needs to continue.

FACT: 40% to 50% of all Maintenance Departments have an “open” storeroom, where the “honor system” is in effect that is costing company thousands to millions a year.

The Six Deadly Cost of Old MRO and Tool Crib Methods

  1. Employee costs are 80% higher
  2. Process costs are high due to MRO inventory shutdowns
  3. Floor space is 3x greater
  4. Supply useage is greater by 5-10%
  5. Inventory accuracy is off by 2.5-20%
  6. Total inventory is overstocked by 12-18%





Automating Your MRO or Tooling Crib Allows: 

  • All spare parts are stored in a fully automated system
  • High‐density storage system requiring less 100ft per model
  • No need for crib personnel on each shift
  • Inventory software manages inventory control and accuracy


  • Employee costs are reduced by as much as 80%
  • Process costs are reduced by reducing down-time
  • Inventory floor space is reduced by 60‐80%
  • Supply usage is slashed by 5‐10%
  • Inventory accuracy is improved up to 50%
  • Allows a reduction in inventory of 12‐18%

Saving Floor Space

Tooling & Job Shop Case Study


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